First Ladies First Campaign By Taylor Jaye Moves To Namibia

By Rukee Kaakunga

The First Ladies First party (#FLFParty), a brainchild of South-African based Namibian rapper, Taylor Jaye, is headed to her home country after being hosted with a stellar line-up during August, women’s month in South Africa.


Featuring an all-star female line-up of Shekinah, Nadia Nakai, Moonchild and Taylor Jaye herself, the #FLFParty is an initiative dedicated to celebrating the strong African men and women who are fighting gender-based violence (GBV) in their societies.

Philanthropist and entrepreneur, Taylor Jaye came up with #FLFParty as a way to support women,

children and men who have experienced or have been exposed to any form of domestic violence. It’s also a platform that encourages the culture of reporting violence, self-care, talking responsibility and educating people on the issue that’s tearing communities across Africa apart.

 “I selected the ladies based on what they represent as power houses in their respective industries plus their individual stories that I felt should be shared to empower women. I feel that all ladies from Nadia Nakai to Moonchild to Cici, etc. represent a diverse number of women and have stories to tell that can empower other women dealing with issues of GBV whether as victims or supporting such victims.”

On the reason why she chose to highlight GBV from all the social issues, she said that it is something that some of her closest friends and family members have gone through. “I have so many close friends and relatives that have gone through or are going through some form of GBV in their lives. And their experiences on a daily basis continue to shape my life positively because of the strength they demonstrate to be free or stay free from GBV. Their courage inspires me to push harder as an artist and to use my platform to help women.”

#FLFParty is not just limited to musical performances but also brings together poets, comedians and many other personalities to discuss awareness and find lasting solutions to ending GBV.

The initiative will take place in the month of October.


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