I’ll See It When I Believe It – Sarah Pendrick

By The Oracles

1. What was a defining moment early in your life? 
Sarah Pendrick: A classic case of “girl on girl crime” left me feeling inadequate. Being brought down and bullied repeatedly by other women for just being me shaped who I am today. I’ve seen this happen more and more because of today’s society and fear that there isn’t enough for all of us.

Those experiences could have ended sadly, as we see every day. But they inspired me to help others and make a positive impact. Those painful moments are the driving force behind GirlTalk Network and my life’s purpose—empowering women to support each other, find happiness, and be badasses in every area of their lives. It’s about being true to yourself and giving others permission to do the same.

2. What is one of your proudest moments? 
Sarah Pendrick: As a kid, I wanted to be a psychologist or performer. Growing up, I was in every play and every sport. When I performed on stage, I was fearless. But then there was a time I was silent because of the painful moments I mentioned.

Because of GirlTalk Network, I need to speak to large audiences. To do that, I had to access my true self, the performer. I remember being terrified to speak on stage at my first event. Walking up the stairs, I told myself, “They don’t really need to hear from me.” Then another voice reminded me, “Access your power. Remember your mission. This isn’t about you!”

I listened to that voice and remembered who I was. I chose to stand up to those painful memories that could either hold me back or push me ahead. Overcoming that fear was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Source: entrepreneur.com

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