Forced Evictions Render Thousands Homeless In Somalia

By Saad Muse

 More than 200 000 Somalis have been forcibly evicted from their homes since the beginning of the year.

This is almost double the 120 000 people evicted during the same period last year.

Among those evicted are tens of thousands of people who fled drought, flooding and violence in recent months.

Evelyn Aero, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Adviser for Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance, said many of these families were forced to leave with little or no notice.

somalia blast

“Some have been evicted multiple times, without due process. This is unjust, and violates their rights,” she said.

Aero urged Somali authorities and landowners to protect citizens’ rights to adequate shelter and housing.

“Displaced families should not be forced from their shelters with nowhere to go. They should follow due process, and be given sufficient advance notice to relocate with dignity.”

International donors have also been encouraged to increase shelter and housing funding, so more displaced families would have secure homes.

The East African country is experiencing massive migration to urban areas as a result of last year’s drought and conflict.

The shelter situation has since been critical, with limited public land available to establish new settlements.


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