IGP On Mission To Address Crimes Against Females

By Yasinta Amos

INSPECTOR General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro is in Arusha on a mission, specifically in Mto wa Mbu, to address rapes, assaults and killings of women and girls in Monduli District.

Simon Sirro

“At least three people have been killed in Mto wa Mbu after some women were assaulted and sexually abused by unidentified gangs of people,” said the IGP. According to him, he understands that a police post in the area is too small and understaffed to deal with such cases.

The IGP said this, when Minister for Home Affairs Kangi Lugola visited Mto wa Mbu recently and residents complained about the assaults and killings and a rise in the number of rapes. He said because of this the police had mounted a special operation to ensure the culprits were hunted and be held and security was restored in the area.

Speaking in Arusha on his way to Monduli yesterday, Mr Sirro noted that after his Mto wa Mbu mission, he intended to travel to Manyara Region, especially Mbulu District, where again there had been unreported crimes as many areas were difficult to reach.

“I will meet and talk to police officers in Mbulu District to hear their challenges and remind them their duties, especially, when encountering some trying situations,” he said.

More than 10 women of different ages have been assaulted, raped and badly wounded as a gang of unidentified men wreaked havoc in Mto Wa Mbu in Monduli District. Three victims have reportedly killed in such ugly incidents.

These untoward incidents are reported to have happened between May and July this year, targeting lone female walkers, those hiring motorcycles at night and those working on farms in early morning or late afternoon.

Ms Mary Steven, a Mto wa Mbu resident, said there was a case in which a woman hired a tricycle (Bajaji) without knowing that, the rider was colluding with rapists. She said he took her to unknown area, where she was raped to the extent of falling into unconsciousness.

Mr Ally Salim and Abeid Mushi also residents of Mto wa Mbu, said sometimes women and girls fell prey to the culprits, while on their way to their farms early in the morning, others while on their farms and sometimes the culprits wounded even children accompanying them.

Some of the women, who sustained serious wounds were admitted to different hospitals in Arusha.

Source: allafrica.com

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