Spring Development Initiative To raise $10,000 For Crop Processing Machines For Farmers

By Adelola Amihere

Worried by the long man hours spent in processing cassava and palm oil fruits, the Spring Development Initiative – a non governmental organisation has launched a fund initiative that will help to raise funds to build a food processing facility for a rural community in Uyo state.

spring dev

The fund initiative which will see people donate globally via its Global Giving platform(www.globalgiving.org) to raise $10,000 will help provide the facility to enable local farmers process their food much more easily, thus preventing a 50% loss of harvest due to bad roads and from decay and pests due to poor storage.

According to the Executive Director and project leader, Spring Development Initiative, Nkem Akinsoto, the organisation is looking to get donations from at least forty people -no.matter how little the amount.

She said” This project will bring economic independence for 100 local farmers and their families, including women and children, in six villages in Uyo, Nigeria.

“The cassava and palm processing machines will increase the farmers’ revenue by reducing waste due to decay and maximizing harvest used or sold to market.

” We will leverage strong partnerships for additional in-kind technical support and knowledge transfer and build on existing structures to ensure active community participation and sustainability, “she added

Accordingly,.this long term impact.is also expected to boost the income of 100 farmers and their families as products will be sold wholesale within and outside the state. Larger profits will be used to address specific community needs for education and health such as providing teaching aids and playground for children, a center for ICT and other vocational skills for teens and young adults.

“Completing the project will lead to enhanced group social esteem and bond community leaders and members, providing a forum for collaboration”, Akinsoto stated


Source: authorityngr.com

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