StakeHolders Urge Government To Empower Women In The Agricultutral Sector

By Hellen Nachilongo

The government has been urged to empower women working in agriculture to revolutionise the sector.

Discussing the 2018/19 budget, agriculture stakeholders noted that it was crucial to increase the sector’s contribution to the national economy.

Kipunguni resident Seleman Bishegazi said women play a significant role in the sector. “Although they are major food producers, the government has failed to realise that fact to empower them.”


He spoke about women being burdened by household chores while they were supposed to concentrate on farming.

He said addressing such challenges would lead to improved crop production to have surplus for export.

Gardener Stella Mwaamba spoke about market woes and challenges in accessing credit. “The government should remove middlemen because they are exploiters. They are the ones who benefit more than farmers,” she said.

TGNP Mtandao activism and movement building head Happiness Maruchu said: “We expect the 2018/19 budget to improve. Supporting rural women should be among priorities in the coming fiscal year budget especially in building their financial capacities,” she said.


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