Styling Tips For Curvy Women

By Vivian U

TV will tell you that a size 0 or 2 is standard. While size 0 and 2 women are beautiful, women of other sizes are not exempted from the beauty train. Beauty knows no size or body shape and it takes the right styling to show this. Before you read through these styling tips, you should first look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful. Close your eyes, breathe in and calmly accept this fact. This is because no matter the amount of styling tips for curvy girls you read, if you do not genuinely love your body, it will all be a waste of read.

After doing that, join me as I walk you through the following tips;




This is important. Embrace your body, embrace your size. This will ensure that you make realistic wardrobe decisions.



I am sure that most curvy women will run out of fingers and toes if they were asked to count how many times they have been told to hide their tummies. Or maybe a dollar for every time you have been told to “Suck It In”? You’ll definitely be on the millionaire train. But the truth is , this most of the time unsolicited advice leads to many curvy women opting for horrible looking baggy outfits that do nothing but hide their beauty. It also leads to buying shapewear that create lumps where there are none. The best thing to do is embrace your tummy sis. Let it be. While we are aware that middle fat poses health risks, as you perform your routine tummy exercises and are on your way to getting it toned, embrace it and let it be. There is nothing to be ashamed of.



Some people might say ” I am size 16″ but end up fitting in a size 14. This is because size is often subject to brand and they aren’t always same across board. So when you get into a store, try out clothes that are one size under also. You never know. Experiment with sizes.

curvy women


No. Don’t look surprised. Imagine yourself in high waist pants or skirt and a crop top that stops an inch or two above the  high waist pants. Hot, Hot, Hot!!! We have already talked about embracing your tummy so what better way to show it than do this.



Find an underwear store that caters to curvy women or a store that has a curvy women section and get good variety of underwear that will go with all your outfit. Remember underwear makes or mars and outfit. So get great fitting bras, tights, panties etc.



Do not listen to the “oh your hips are too wide in those jeans” or the “your butt is too pronounced in that skirt” comments. That is exactly the way it should look. It is unrealistic to expect you to look like a size 4 would in a skirt. You are a full figured, curvy, beautiful woman and you should not be shy about your hips or anything at all. Embrace it sis. That’s you. Wearing oversized clothes in an attempt to hide your body is you doing yourself a disservice. Stop it.


Vertical stripes are the curvy woman’s go to. Choose tops or jumpsuits with this pattern.



All curvy women are not the same. Some are pear, rectangle, hourglass or apple shaped. Which ever one you are, be sure to dress in such a way that it flatter your body shape and you come out looking like the Queen you are.


  1. HEELS

Heels are great on curvy women. Even if you aren’t a heels girl, an inch or two will do the trick. They look amazing, you should try it.


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