Royal Caution To The Beasts Among Men – Emir Of Kano Speaks

A beast in civilization never smells like a beast in the wild. But when the beast resides in a man, it becomes difficult for even the most adept forensics specialist to sense it, let alone an innocent, lovable bride. Hence the sad cases of wife battery among Kano’s titled elite.


In the wake of incessant reports of Islamic title holders’ physical abuse of their wives, HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II, Emir of Kano, has warned all Islamic title holders in Kano to desist from beating their wives if they want to retain their title. Sanusi said this at the recent mass wedding of 1,520 couples. He called on all Imams, district heads, village heads and ward heads to pay heed to the warning thus: “You should all come back to your senses and stop these barbaric acts because we will not allow this to continue in Kano.

 “I have warned all district heads, village heads, ward heads and imams to also desist from the bad habit of beating their wives and whoever among them is reported to me to have beaten up his wife, would out rightly lose his title.”

Sanusi vowed not to back down on the proposal to make laws against poor men seeking to marry more than one wife. The monarch also said the law would not stop Muslim men from marrying up to four wives, but will ensure that the man treats his wives and children according to the tenets of Islam


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