Black Panther Inspires All-Female Warrior Series

By Andrew Kaggwa

By now, we want to assume everyone has watched Black Panther and without digging deep into what you think about it – we imagine you acknowledge its global success.

The film has been successful worldwide and has enjoyed great re-views. Word has it that it may have crossed a billion shilling mark in East Africa since its première.

Since Queen of Katwe back in 2016, Black Panther could be the second movie that has been at almost all local cinemas for more than two months and still has an audience.

The film’s success got it confirmed for a sequel at the end of February, and as you read this, that success has inspired a spin-off TV show.

Sony Pictures in conjunction with EbonyLife, a Nigerian based TV will partner to produce a series about the 19 century Dahomey Warriors who inspired Black Panther’s all-female Dora Milaje.

The show will be the première partnership production Sony will be doing with EbonyLife but according to a statement by Sony, there are more projects they are set to collaborate on.


Much as the show will be fictitious, Mo Abudu, CEO and founder of EbonyLife says it will be inspired by true events that took place in the West African kingdom of Dahomey.

Also known as the Dahomey Amazons, their kingdom was located where the present day Benin is – apparently, their Amazon naming came from western observers that likened them to the mythical Amazons.

When Benin became a French protectorate, the army was dis-banded and in November 1979, Nuwi, the only known survivor of the army at the time died at over 100 years.

Before German/Ugandan actress Florence Kasumba and Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira brought to life an inspiration of the army in Black Panther, they’ve been portrayed in different films, plays and novels through the years like Werner Herzog’s Cobra Verde.

Abudu says the production is part of their vision to change the narrative about Africa.

EbonyLife which also runs an independent channel on DSTV has in the past been behind productions like Desperate Housewives Africa, Moments with Mo, Wedding Party and Fifty among others.


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