Inspiring Women By Above Whispers – The Conversation With Chisom Ogbummuo

By Grace Shaibu

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Happy New Week and you are welcome to another exciting dialogue with a woman of class, standard and impact. We share with you the story of a young woman whose passion for impacting lives pushed  her to creating  a blossoming platform for women and girls to interact, get educated, get informed, break the jinx of tradition and attain greater goals in life.

Chisom Ogbummuo is the founder of The Conversation Cafe, a platform for young women to share their burdens, feel lighter and go break records! It’s an honour to have her share her experiences with us and challenge women across Africa to get up and start breaking the walls. Enjoy!

Chisom Ogbummuo, Founder, The Conversation Cafe

AW: Give a brief introduction about yourself. 

Our Guest : My name is Chisom Ogbummuo. I am the Founder of TheConversation Cafe and a UN Rep, for the youth envoy.

AW : What Inspired ‘The Conversation Cafe’?

Our Guest : The purpose to educate people on Alternative education, the zeal to engage inclusivity and spontaneity to greater understanding and new insight, willingness to hold a space and be part of a space of community that is broad enough, safe enough and deep enough to embrace all.


AW : How well have you been able to penetrate into the minds of young youths through this platform? 

Our Guest : The testimonials have been countless but I measure my train of success in seeing that the reformation and results of my work is being used by the beneficiaries to transform and produce more value.




AW: What are the challenges you encounter the most?

Our Guest : The system is not conducive to operate on, that is the challenge so far and even though I overcome literally most times, Its a lot of financial resources, time constraints, countless setup plans to push through.
AW: Where do you see your platform in the next 5 years?
Our Guest : I see my platform birthing new ideologies, transforming new personnel, evolving in contextual growth and serving as a means to keep impacting a wider community.
 AW: Who are your mentors?
Our Guest :Holy Spirit, Christopher Ogbummuo, Beatrice Ogbummuo, Michelle Obama,Amina j. Mohammed,Steve Harris,Adesuwa Onyenokwe.
 AW : Share  some of your success stories with us

Our Guest : I don’t measure success in terms of monetary value or awards but I love that it serves as an encouragement:

One of my success stories was being picked by Adesuwa Onyenokwe to be part of a project I aspired to work in the future, working on this project in 2017 which will be out April, 2018 made me realize that If I ever forget I am valuable, I should remember the conversation that led to that project and how I serve as a means of value to my  peers.
Being recognized by my family, community, my secondary school that I repeated at calling me to be a commencement speaker barely three years after graduation, my university (alma mater) inviting me to speak at one of their biggest gatherings barely five months after writing my final exams.
Seeing my work and resource yielding value in people’s lives.
Above all, making God proud and reflecting the purpose and essence of Jesus Christ is My success story.
AW: Share the hopes you have for Nigeria and her youths with us.

Our Guest : I hope for a Nigeria of Harmony.

A Nigeria that keeps the truth of the youth being presence of today, learning the vitals of the past and training the future of tomorrow.I hope for a Nigeria where the paradigm shift has positive impact on the system that governs and rule the nation.I hope for a nigeria, where education is the pivotal to any class and is used to maximize communal progress.
AW : In building a society of strong youths, the home front must be settled, how does your platform in promoting this?
Our Guest : My Platform was birthed on the premise of learning, understanding and actively participating core values and principles that will yield development, sustainability and patriotism.
 AW: Have you ever felt like giving up? if yes, How did you overcome this phase?
Our Guest: I think I always feel like giving up, but I always overcome because I have learnt over time that there are always two sides to a coin and I have the power to make a decision. On the coin of failure and victory , I will choose victory even if I had to fail a number of times to get there.
AW: What do you think is the most drowning issue affecting youths in Africa?
Our Guest : Illiteracy/Lack of applied knowledge
AW : Where do you see your platform in the next 5 years?
Our Guest : I see my platform birthing new ideologies, transforming new personnel, evolving in contextual growth and serving as a mean to keep impacting a wider community.
AW : How would you advice young people who are passionate to have a life transforming platform like yours?
Our Guest : Just start, then don’t stop no matter what.Learn to unlearn every single time, put structure, collaborate, make sure you chase value and passion and not financial resources.
AW : Give us your favourite quotes. 

Our Guest : When you want something, you have got to make yourself available for it.  I am powerful! I am the daughter of the universe.

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Thanks for joining us.

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