High Heel Hazards

By Vivian U

Slay or Pain?

High heels are a girl’s sweetheart…well most girls. Some girls are ardent opposers of the high heel clan and will never touch a high heel with a twenty foot pole. However we cannot deny that the high heel is a wardrobe staple. From work to the red carpet, high heels can turn an outfit from wow to super-wow.


It lengthens your legs and enhances your posture. But when worn incorrectly, high heels can cause serious medical problems. The seriousness of the damage caused by high heels depend on how long it is being worn, how frequent it is being worn, activities performed while wearing the heel, quality of the shoes and how high the heel is. Here are the list of issues that crop up when heels are worn incorrectly;



Ingrown toenails are largely caused by high heels. This is because the toes are pressed together cause the toe nails to grow into the skin. This leads to nail infections and if left untreated will ruin your toenails.


business woman sitting  backache pain silhouette

High heels push your pelvis forward when you stand or walk. This in turn puts a lot of pressure on your lower back.



Wearing high heels during pregnancy makes swollen feet worse, aggravates back pain, causes a loss of balance and puts one at a high risk of miscarriage due to the high chance of tripping and falling due to weight of the pregnancy. However if you must wear heels during pregnancy, wear sturdy heels and make sure the shoes do not have a tight grip on your feet.


joint pain

Heels lack any significant shock absorption. They stop your foot from naturally rotating as you walk, thus they’re forced into a straight and unbending position. This causes the knee to absorb the brunt of every step, which can lead to severe joint pain.



Forcing your feet into too-tight heels creates pressure on the sides of your feet and toes. As time goes by, this can lead to a hardening of the skin.



A study found that wearing high heels that are 3 ½ inches or higher can increase your lifetime risk of osteoarthritis


Wearing high heels for a long period of time can shorten the muscles in your calves and in your back, which in turn cause muscle pain and spasms.

The high heel should however, not be discarded but worn smartly. Reduce the amount of time you wear them and remember to give your feet a break in between when attending lengthy timed events, by switching to flats for a while.

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