The Power Of Radio

Radio is the best and cheapest means of communication and information having easy access to the world audience . It is within the reach of everyone – whether she/he is rich or poor , big or small , child , youth or old at very little cost . Radio is connecting to ‘ UNCONNECTED ‘ and reaching to ‘ UNREACHABLE ‘ anywhere , anytime in the whole world . Radio plays an vital role in case of emergency , war , flood , earthquake , disaster and spreading diseases and virus.

radio day

It connects with the victims via its trained representatives and sends victims requirements to the government. In this way it saves lives . Radio is the voice of people , by the people and for the people. Misuse of this amazing tool of connecting , information and communication would be dangerous for the present and coming generations.

It is the matter of great sorrow in the age of internet , our present young generation does not know the magic of radio . Therefore , there is a need to connect this our generation with radio . In this case social media , schools , NGO’s can play an vital role .



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