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By Vivian U

On your marks… Wallets ready… GO!!!

It is the last Friday in January 2018 and it has been an amazing month on this column. The theme for this month has been budget shopping and we have learnt so much about it (see here and here and here) . We have been making lists and checking out on site and online stores while giving due respect to our pockets. This Friday I am going to be looking at affordable pieces that I think are must haves. They may or may not be urgent, may not even be on your list, but it will definitely be nice to own one or more of them.



This blue belted pinafore palazzo jumpsuit by INIGHI is totally work chic. It is really stylish and and very in vogue. You can rock it with a nice shirt or top. This piece says “serious” but  at the same time, “fashionista”.


jump suit 4

I found this jumpsuit on soulorangevintage’s instagram page and it was love at first sight. This gorgeous wide leg jumpsuit with pockets is a piece that every body type would look great in. It is great for work, a hang out with friends or your partner or a simple trip to the store or salon. Basically it is a clothing that can fit in anywhere…well, except the gym.



Green is one of the many colours that a lot of people do not fuss over. Most Nigerians only remember this colour on October 1st. But this is the colour of nature. It symbolises life, newness and growth. This INIGHI green roped top

and pants set will give you that brand new feeling everyone is looking for this new year. It is simple and it looks great for work.

green skirtThis is another green piece by INIGHI that i absolutely think is a must have. This frilled midi pencil skirt will not only have you looking like a hot fashionista, it’ll also have you looking like a bag of money. And guess what? The colour green also symbolises money. Coincidence? I think not.

I think the colour green goes so well with this unique style. It is rare and you will definitely stand out in a room filled with skirt wearing individuals.



This soulorangevintage dress is so cute and beautiful. It is a beautiful scuba off shoulder dress with a fully flared bottom and double flared sleeves. I love the patterns and that the fact that with this dress, you do not need to do so much if you do not want to. Just put on a pair of heels or flats, a choker and your purse and off you go. You can rock it work or a dinner. It is a must have to consider.

gown 4

The first thing i love about this 5kshop off shoulder dress is the material. It is a dance of patterns and colours. If you want an attention grabber, then this is a must have. Wedding guest? Dinner date? Work? This dress has got your back.



 This floral patterned ruffle wrap top by 5kshop is adorable. You can wear it anywhere you want. It is simple, playful, colourful and will definitely have you feeling more beautiful.


You like lacey? Then this is your must have. This white 5kshop lacey top is great for weddings, work, a night out and dinner dates. It is simple, chic and really really sexy.

That’s it for the month. You can visit any one of the stores for these items, they are all great looking. You can also opt to look for the designs when shopping elsewhere, but my best bet will be for you to stick with these stores into other to get exactly these designs.

If you are a designer or cloth vendor, you too can have your items be a must have on this column every last Friday of the month. Simply send an enquiry mail to and a reply will be sent to you. Until next month, stay glam!

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Source: Above Whispers

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