Prime Minister Majaliwa Urges Men In Mara To Stop Violence Against Women, Children

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has counseled men in Tarime District, Mara Region, to avoid committing violence against women and children and stop cultivating bhang.

According to a statement issued on Thursday, January 18, by the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Majaliwa issued the advice on Wednesday while addressing residents at a public meeting held at the Serengeti Ground in Tarime District.


He reiterated that violence against women, children and the cultivation of bhang tarnished the good name of the district and that the residents were supposed to avoid committing such acts.

“The government does not condone violence. Stop it. How is it possible for a man to slap his son or daughter until they collapse. Such an act cannot be tolerated as it also dents your district,” said the PM.

Meanwhile, the Premier directed Tarime District Commissioner Glorious Luoga to continue with the operation against bhang and khat farming and take action against those found perpetuating the illegal cultivation.

He said the land of the district was suitable for the cultivation of various crops including maize, cassava, bananas, coffee and cotton; therefore, bhang cultivation is strictly forbidden.

The PM also directed actions to be taken against contractors, who implemented the construction of water projects in Mara Region for constructing the projects below standards.

Mr Majaliwa said this after receiving complaints from the residents through banners that they were not benefiting from the water projects in their areas, despite the government dishing out funds for the purpose.


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