Over 40 NGOs Team Up In War Against GBV

By Abela Msikula

OVER 40 non-governmental organisations have teamed up to fight gender violence in the Dar es Salaam markets places, all aimed at increasing productivity within the informal sector.

Injured woman leaning sadly on wooden wall, concept for domestic violence
Injured woman leaning sadly on wooden wall, concept for domestic violence

The move was in support of the NGO Equality for Growth (EfG), whose GBV operations were confined within Temeke Stereo, Tabata, Musilimu, Kisutu and Ferry markets in Ilala and Temeke Districts. Launched some five years ago, the EfG fights against GBV on the mantra, ‘Mpe Riziki, si Matusi (literal translation: Give Economic Sustenance, not Abuse’, says the NGO project head, Ms Susan Sita.

“Involving other organisations seemed good … our operations now cover the entire region … four institutions have since confirmed to have started working instantly in Magomeni and Tandale markets in Kinondoni district,” she said.

It was during a meeting organised by EfG that Ms Susan further clarified that her NGO came across women – the main actors within the informal sector — suffering serious abuse and many other were still falling victim to GBV.

 She intimated over the weekend that involving other activists was aimed at giving strength and more teeth to fight the war (against GBV) and increasing productivity for personal and national development. She added that the meeting was also called specifically to recruit more activists into the fold of Mpe Riziki si Matusi technique now gaining traction within the city’s markets and elsewhere.

EfG Executive Director, Ms Jane Magigita says despite remarkable response from central and local government authorities — plus leaders of the markets – there was still need for continuous awareness campaigns because “these places receive newcomers every day.”

She also expressed gratitude for efforts made by the law-enforcement authorities, describing such ‘accountability’ as “… really the most powerful weapon in the fight.” Pugu Poverty Alleviation and Development Agency (PPADA) were among the 40 NGOs whose Executive Director, Mr Abraham Silumbu, says joining hands was the best that could happen to the fight against GBV.

“Teaming up is already proving positive … even if not all institutions will have started operations,” he said.

Source: allafrica.com

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