Somalia Government Receives Medical Donation From Saudi Arabia

A plane carrying a medical donation from Saudi Arabia has landed in Mogadishu today. The donation was handed over to the government of Somalia so that it will be delivered to the local medical outlets that serve the public.

somalia blast

Also, onboard the plane were some Somali nationals who were flown to Saudi Arabia for treatment after they were injured in explosions that happened in Mogadishu six months ago.

Mohamed Abdalla Almajid who was leading the delegation from Saudi gave the details of the donation when he talked to the press.

“Following the order of Malik Salman of Saudi and his deputy that the Somali people be delivered with the donation they need, today a plane carrying a medical donation that was meant to help the Somali people has landed and tomorrow, up to three planes carrying donations will land” said Almajid.

 The assistant minister for the Ministry of Aid and Disaster Management who is also the acting minister Mr Ilmi Omar Ainsane thanked the Saudi government for the way it stood with Somalia.

” We are welcoming here a delegation from Malik Salman Alkhayriyah. We are thankful to the Saudi government for delivering this donation to us. We are saying welcome to your second country. Likewise, we are thanking them for the way they held themselves responsible for the Somali people who had injuries and treated them, like Yussuf Abdi and Mohamed Yussuf who were injured in an explosion in Mogadishu six months ago,” said the acting minister.


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