Pfizer, Others Unite Against Breast Cancer In Abuja

Every year, October is dedicated as the month of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BCAM, a global campaign designed to raise awareness on the prevalence of breast cancer in the society and the devastating impact the disease has on women, families, and communities worldwide.

Throughout the month, individuals, organizations and governments come together to improve the general understanding of the disease and join the fight against all forms of breast cancer.

However, in Nigeria, one of the Pharmaceutical giants, Pfizer joined the campaign to raise awareness on the prevalence of breast cancer in the country.


In line with the vision of BCAM, Pfizer in partnership with other stakeholders, supported the 3rd Cancer Summit held at the Yar’ádua Centre, Abuja, organised by Cancer Education & Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria and the Federal Ministry of Health with focus “On funding Cancer Care in Nigeria”.

 At the programme which brought together patients, groups, and breast cancer survivors and experts from different institutions, the need to increase awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer took centre stage.

Speaking at the programme, Medical Director, Pfizer, Dr. Kodjo Soroh said: “This month presents a great opportunity to demonstrate Pfizer’s commitment to breast cancer and engage with external stakeholders.”

Soroh pledged that Pfizer would continue to invest in research to ensure the company remains at the forefront of developing new treatment options for people living with breast cancer.

Among the key speakers at the event was Prof. Charles Coombes, a world-leading breast cancer expert from Imperial College London and Director of the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre. . Coombes presented a lecture on “Current approaches to Management of Metastatic Breast Cancer in a resource constrained environment”


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