The Other People Are Moving Up

By SheTalks

I compared myself with those ahead, those doing well just to know what they are doing and how better I can be in doing mine. I discovered that, we are doing almost the same thing but being a child of God, I am more conservative. I want to live a Holy life and represent Jesus so I can’t do all they do. This is good but sincerely, sometimes, it can be worrisome.

When you see the unbelievers thriving well and you aren’t, when the so called big shot who aren’t believers are the ones calling the shot for you in your industry, it becomes a burden and a bother. It seems like they are the ones doing well and you are crawling.


You begin to question some of the things you heard in the place of prayers, sometimes you start feeling ‘like do some things’ really matter? There’s that stage in every man’s life. I know it because I have been there and sometimes, I get there and move on. That’s the main thing, You must get there and move on.

We are a chosen generation. 1pt 2:9. We are called, Yes, we know but do you also know that our God gives us the promise he will definitely fulfill but he watches the Seasons. There is a time to grow and a time to harvest. Ecclesiastes says it better, there is a time for everything under the sun..

God matches character building with greatness. He is not a man that allows the untamed have his genuine riches. That process of  dryness, that process of confusion is all in the process of your making.We are being molded, we are being shaped, we are being tamed and carried into the place of glory. The riches of the wicked won’t last a lifetime. It might look like they are moving but like smoke, they will fade away.

I want to tell you this to encourage you that God is Aware of everything. It’s a part of your making. Don’t compromise what he has said. Stand with it and let him lead you through the path of righteousness for his namesake. The true riches of the world belongs to his sons and daughters and this will come, when we wait. When we praise and allow God.

In summary : Really, allow God. Say a prayer in your heart that you will let him lead. You will let him take over. You won’t be hasten by the world but you will be carried by His word.

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