Teachers Union Calls For Empowerment Of Female Teachers

By Queen Ingabire

The National Teachers’ Union has called for more support to female teachers to promote education in the country.

During the recent 4th congress of the Rwanda Teachers Union, officials called for increased support to the female teachers as they play multiple roles in society.

They said female teachers often serve as mothers and educators hence the need to support them for increased output.


The 4th congress of Rwanda Teachers’ Union was held under the theme, ‘social and economic development as a pillar for quality education’, but activities focused on the role of women teachers in improving the quality education.

Faustin Harelimana, the president of the teachers’ union, said social and economic development of their members would in turn put them in better state to deliver high quality education.

Currently, about 52 per cent of Rwanda’s population are women and 54 per cent of the teachers in the union are also women, hence the emphasis on increasing support to female teachers.

The Union resolved that in the next five years they will emphasise empowering women to provide good quality education given that they play an essential role in sustainable early childhood development as agents of change.

Françoise Uwumukiza, the National Women Council president, said women play several roles in building the nation through service delivery, fighting corruption and genocide ideology, as well as in conflict resolution.

Diane Umutesi, a teacher at Groupe Scolaire Kotana in Huye District, urged teachers to find solutions to their problems and provide good quality education despite of the challenges they encounter due to the low payment.

Rwanda Teachers Union was established in 1996 and has a current membership of 53,924.

Source: allafrica.com

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