Standard Bank In Girl Child Mentorship Initiative

By Brian Itai

 Standard Bank Malawi on Wednesday took a total of 120 school-going young girls through a mentorship exercise as a way of motivating the girl child to stay and work hard in school.

The group of girls were drawn from different schools from across Lilongwe and were paired with female staff members from the bank who played as their hosts at the Capital City branch. The hosts took them through different offices and departments while also giving them motivational talk.

standard bank

Acting Chief Executive for Standard Bank, Temwani Simwaka, said the initiative was meant to compliment what they are already doing in Dedza where they are mentoring girl children.

“Us as standard bank, we believe that if you grow a girl child you grow a nation, and as a brand, we believe that our role is to drive the growth of mother Malawi. And to do that we have to be involved in the girl child,” said Simwaka.

She said it is our passion as the bank to make sure that each child is given an opportunity to be shown what they can be when they grow up, hence the idea of extending the initiative to the girl child in Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Blantyre.

“In addition to just talking to them, we said why not show them what they can be if they work hard, stay in school and concentrate on building their future,” she said.

She added that; “This is the first year we are doing this, at the end of it we will evaluate. We have made a long term commitment on the girl child and if this works out right and it makes a difference to the girls, then we will come back again next year.”

A total of 91 girl children from Blantyre and 22 from Mzuzu participated in a similar exercise in the two cities as well. The mentorship exercise coincided with the global commemoration of the Day of the Girl Child.

Standard Bank invited applications from parents and guardians who were interested for their girl children to undergo the mentorship exercise some months ago.


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