Govt Vows To Sustain Peace,Youth, Women Empowerment

By Sintayehu Tamirat

President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said the government would strive to sustain the restored peace, job creation and women empowerment.

In his opening remark at the joint session of the House of Peoples’ of Representatives and House of Federation yesterday, President Dr.Mulatu said: “The government annulled the state of emergency following the restoration of peace and stability owing to the wide-ranging and extensive discussions made with the public. ” We should maintain the prevailing peace and stability.”

Concerning border demarcation issues, he said, which have been triggering conflicts have been peacefully resolved. However, in Oromia and Ethiopian Somali states the residues of destructive attitudes caused conflicts that led to the loss of lives and property, he mentioned.

The government is now working hard to bring the criminals before law, he indicated.


The President called upon the public, the elderly, religious fathers, traditional leaders, youth and women in the two states to stand by the government in alleviating the situation and resettling the displaced people.

He also pledged to give special attention to women and youths who play the irreplaceable role in the nation’s growth and transformation path.

Half of the 20 billion Birr allocated by the federal and states governments for the Youth Change and Development Package has already been released at the end of the previous budget year. So far, around two million jobs have been created nationwide.

Dr. Mulatu also noted that his government would exert utmost effort to create ample jobs this year.

He stated that women have been playing irreplaceable role in the nation’s struggle against poverty through their active participation in the social, economic and political fronts.

Apart from attaining land ownership, about 2.5 million rural women started benefiting from their engagement in agricultural activities.

In addition to the economic advantages, they have improved their family diet particularly in supplying nutritional food to children.

Women’s contribution to the overall health sector achievements has been immense, according to the president. ” Women are the driving force behind our health extension system enabling the country to earn international acknowledgment “

Mentioning the series of discussions and seminars on media reform over the past year, Dr. Mulatu assured that the government would strive diligently to the success of participatory engagement.


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