Village Head Gets Seven Years for Attempted Sex With 13 Year-Old Granddaughter

By Mayamiko Majawa

Liwonde First Grade Magistrate court this week convicted and sentenced Lucious Katuli aged 47 who was a village head and a church elder to seven years imprisonment for attempting to have sex with his granddaughter.

Presenting facts in court, prosecutor, Inspector Richard Kandeya told the court that the victim is 13 years old and his niece.


He said Katuli was sleeping in the same house with the little girl such that on one night the accused went to the sitting room where the girl and his relatives were sleeping and started undressing her.

“She woke up and realised that it was her grandfather who was undressing her,” he told the court.

The accused did the same on another night to the extent of touching the little girl’s private parts such that the girl was annoyed and shouted for help.

She then reported this to her parents who in turn referred the matter to Nselema Police Post where Katuli was charged with indecent assault case.

 The accused denied the charge which led Police Prosecutor Kandeya to parade four witnesses who testified against him.

Satisfied with the evidence the court found him guilty.

In mitigation Katuli requested the court for a lenient punishment saying he was breadwinner, a church elder and village head.

Prosecutor Kandeya however asked the court to impose a stiffer penalty to the convict for the malpractice him being a church elder and village head.

When passing judgement, First Grade Magistrate, Jones Masula concurred with the state thereby sentencing him to seven years imprisonment with hard labour as a deterrent to would be offenders.

Lucious hails from Nkawa Village in the area of Traditional Authority Nyambi, Machinga.


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