Brother, Get Your Sleeves Up And Work Hard

Dear Brother B,

As a christian lady, it’s sometimes difficult to see those good, calm, spiritual and cultured guys in the church. It looks like, they have all been married away and the rest of the ones left for us are chaffs. It’s depressing when I have to talk and talk to Brother B about simple etiquettes.

He doesn’t know jack. He cannot even relate with what I want all he does is speak about some irrelevant things and when he asks me out and I decline, they will say, I flaunt a lot. Can two walk together except they agree? You know the answer already. We just want excellent men. We want men that are qualified to stand before kings and not ordinary men. Men with panache with the grace of God oozing out of them. It’s not too much to ask for? Is it?


Some ‘spiritual’ brothers will come and all they know how to do is speak with saliva dropping off at every conversation. Oh Days! Can we have some sanity? You don’t even know how to speak well, this isn’t about the words but the way you speak and you want a bespoke woman, a woman with class, whose words and hands get the devil on his heels and you don’t want to match up? I know how to relate with my world, I know what I represent and how I go about it.

Brother, Get your sleeves up and work hard. There are some that will come and ask for your hand in marriage with nothing in their hands. We aren’t saying you should have all the wealth before coming, We are saying have a job. Do something. Stop telling me that God called you into the ministry at this very young age, and he called an idle you.

Now way!All the men he called in the scriptures were busy with something. They were doing something with their hands before God called them and gave them a greater assignment and that doesn’t mean they were depending on the flocks to feed, Nah! They still had time to do something that gave them income.

convo 1

So, when a guy that isn’t spiritual comes along and has all these good qualities that these brothers have refused to work on, they term us as carnal. They say, we compare them with unbelievers. Why won’t we? when you have refused to have common sense? why won’t we? when you have refused to learn, unlearn and relearn. Men of purpose that know how these things function won’t be their friends, they will have something against them.  What we are asking for is simple. Look at me now? If I wasn’t making good sense, would come and start seeing vision? No way.

In summary: If you want something very good, make sure you are built for it or you are making plans to be refined. Learn to speak well, dress well, to understand the signs, Learn to smile or laugh. Stop frowning! It will make you old and very unattractive. You said, You love and you are frowning. Just imagine the irony. Am I to take that for being serious or for being stupid?


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