Eczema Is An Emotional Burden

By Jenna Birch

Eczema Is Not “Just A Rash” 

“I’ve been going through a particularly rough flare-up of my eczema for the past several months. I think the biggest misconception about the condition is that it’s ‘just a rash.’ I feel like people don’t take it seriously; even when I look up research on it, most is just targeted to children.”


The Condition Is More Than Just Cosmetic

“In very bad cases or flare-ups, I can’t sleep and have no appetite… Physically, people don’t understand just how bad it can get. I shiver in the dead of summer because my weeping skin can’t hold my heat in. I can barely move my arms because every motion reopens a raw crack in the skin.”

Dry, Itching Skin Can Keep You Up At Night

“Eczema is the breakdown of the barriers that protect and seal your skin. Sufferers of allergies may know what the rash feels like, or someone who has brushed against poison ivy would understand the sensation of eczema. Also, since your skin barrier can’t really hold in moisture, dry, itchy skin is a constant battle. The discomfort of the itching and dry skin can lead to poor sleep, since you may, even subconsciously, scratch all night in bed.”

Bad Eczema Has Nothing To Do With Poor Hygiene

“Before my diagnosis, I did not know how complex and varied eczema is as a disease. I also did not know how difficult it is treat, and how this difficulty stymies many doctors. Bad cases of eczema don’t simply arise from poor hygiene or skincare routine. It has more complicated causes, and hence, more complicated solutions.”

Since Eczema Is So hard To Treat And Individualized, Suggestions Do Not Help

“If you are a stranger trying to offer tips to someone with eczema… remember that I’ve spent a boatload of time, energy, and money trying to deal with my condition. I’ve read everything online, gone to numerous doctors, and tried all sorts of medical and DIY remedies. Trying to suggest that I try this one brand of lotion, or take a cold shower, can be infuriating. It actually trivializes what I’ve gone through.”

Eczema Is An Emotional Burden

“This condition is chronic, and in addition to the external suffering, it can be taxing on your mental and physical stress levels. I’ve gotten many looks of concern, or heard comments from people I’ve attended school and worked with; this does drag on your esteem every day. I also wish people would stop insisting I see a doctor. If I am having a bad skin day, I know about it. I really don’t need the confirmation that my external appearance matches my internal agony.”


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