Inspiring Women Series : Up Close And Inspirational With Labake Amoo

By Grace Shaibu

On this episode of Inspiring women series, we take a sneak into the branding world.  We bring to you a hardworking and self-sufficient woman who has taken on the wheels to make businesses look good and profitable. She preaches concept, precept and profit. Welcome, as we look at another inspiring story to get us started.

AW : Your Background?

Our Guest : My name is Omolabake Amoo.  I attended University Of Lagos, studied Educational Administration but never practiced with it, I have been into Marketing for the past 4 years and it’s been amazing.


AW : Why did you choose marketing/branding

 Our Guest:  I choose this field because a great part of marketing is about perception, it’s just simply amazing the thin line between reality and perception and if you are really good at playing that game, putting into considerations a lot of factors you can make people buy into the perception you want them to have thereby increasing sales, brand awareness or even a social cause .

So for me it’s because it is an interesting game of creating made beliefs and also an opportunity to tell your truth and in that game everything is possible,if you know how to make the connection with the people that it is intended for or even yourself.

AW : How has femininity affected your pace in the Marketing world…

Our Guest : Well, if you are good you are good it has nothing to do with being a woman. So everyone has the same opportunity to win as long as you can provide results.

AW: What’s been the challenges and successes so far?

Our Guest : My only challenge is people not understanding the power of marketing and how it can grow your brand either business or personal.

So I take my social media platforms to educate people about it. Successes; being able to work with brands either on a consultancy level or with the business to provide great results, I won’t be mentioning names (lol)

AW: Have you ever been depressed about the uncertainty of the future?

Our Guest : Yes! When I initially didn’t have clarity and I didn’t understand that life is about principles you get the results of what you put in.

AW: Do you see a bigger picture?

Our Guest : I had seen the bigger picture 2 years back from now (lol)

AW : A word for aspiring female entrepreneurs

Our Guest : Have a goal, then a plan and run with it. It’s going to be tough
but keep at it and things would fall in place. You are the only one that can make things happen for you. And most of all surround yourself with great minds aiming for the same goals as you or even higher.

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