AW Panache: How To Be The Best Dressed Wedding Guest

By Oluwanifemi Omojuwa

In this era where almost everyone tries to outdo the other for a chance to be featured on Bella naija, it is important, as a wedding guest to note a few things. As much as you want to show off your tailor’s great skills, your expensive aso-ebi and those hefty beads you had made recently, never forget the few things you are about to read in this article.

1. Never Outdo The Bride
Ladies, this is for you. It is not your wedding! Do not compete for the most attention grabbing outfit with the bride. We all know how important the wedding day is for her. Please, do not steal her shine.
2. Please Stay Away From White
Recently, I saw a photo of a bride and about a dozen bridesmaids. They all wore white. I could not tell immediately who was the bride and this should not be. you can wear a touch of white as long as it does not dominate your entire outfit. Except white is a called colour for the wedding, stay away from it.

white guest
3. Tone Down The Expose
Your wedding guest outfit should not reveal too much skin. Tone down the thigh high slits, plunging necklines, massive back cut-outs, excessive transparency and the like. keep things classy and be a bit more conservative.

4. Choose Functional Shoes
If you are attending a typical Nigerian wedding, there is going to be a lot of dancing and you don’t want to have to kick off your eight inch high stilettos every time the DJ drops your jam. Wear a pair of shoes that complement your look but still allow you “function effectively”.

5. Do Not Wear Too Much Make-up.
Lol. Sounds funny right? You should not wear too much makeup especially to a wedding. you might be tempted to try making up for your conservative dressing by applying tons of make up. But, you do not want your foundation separating from your powder while you are on the dance floor.
Bonus Tip: always wear your best smile the entire event (even if food hasn’t gotten to your table)

Source: Abovewhispers

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