Inspiring Women Series : Oluwatoyosi Bamisile Moves From Law To Fashion With Orante

By Grace Shaibu


Oluwatoyosi Bamisile. CEO Orante Fashion Line

On this edition of Inspiring Women series we present to you, an outstanding woman who started off her journey from selling Ankara fabrics to designing and making prints.

This is the life of a woman whose passion to build a top notch designers market in Nigeria to Africa and the world has been the drive for everything she ventures into. This week, we bring to you Oluwatoyosi Bamisile, the CEO of Orante and Fashion Haven. She Started business as far back as 2006 as an undergraduate in the University of Ibadan where she studied Law before doing her masters in Law at Queen Mary University Of London.

At Lagos Fashion week, 2015….Perfectly designed by Orante

Orante which means a woman whose hands are up in total surrender to God represents where Oluwatoyosi is coming from as the business name got changed from Orente Ayaba to Orante when she decided to rebrand her business. The desire to print fabrics which are exclusively owned by the brand is born out of the passion to make a statement through the class of what her clients are wearing. According to Orante,the testimony of each clients must be placed under the 3es{Ethnic, Eclectic and Elegant] which is the slogan of the business.

New York Fashion Week, 2015. Perfectly designed by Orante

The fashion and designing business is clouded but what makes Orante the most preferred and what makes customers come back for more? It is the fact that details aren’t overlooked.

Orante as a brand has featured on different fashion shows including the New York fashion show in 2015. Yes! Nigeria to the world. It’s not been an easy journey because being a CEO is not according to the name but the how productive your ideas can turn out to be.

In five years time, ”We want Orant to be a Household”….

To watch this interesting and inspiring interview, click right here

Source: Abovewhispers

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