Female Journalist Inspires Kids In Liberia

A young Liberian female Journalist Gloria Tamba has told graduates of the New Jerusalem Assembly of God Mission School in Gardnerville to step up and fight if they are to be successful in life.


Serving as Guest speaker at the 16th kindergarten’s convocation exercise, the Daily Observer reporter informed the students that success does not come by mere wish but through hard work and determination and consistent pursuit of their goals.

She said “everyone wants to be great. We think of greatness at all times, we talk about greatness throughout the day and pray for greatness every night but greatness doesn’t come by our wishes, not even by our thoughts nor by our prayers. It comes by stepping up for it”.

She noted that if children will be great, it will be determined from the way their parents are stepping in their education as that will go a long way in making them what they will become in the future.

Speaking on the topic “Stepping up for Greatness with Education”, she stated that with the low ages of the graduates, they may not know how to step up for their greatness, but the responsibility now rest on the parents to ensure that their children future is bright through the provision of quality education.

“Parents must not step aside from their children, rather step up for your child/children’s greatness with education until they reach the point to step for themselves”, she encouraged.

She highlighted three goals that all parents need to pursue if they will help their children to step up for greatness; “Spend time to know yourself, spend time improving yourself and spend time sharing yourself”.

“If you know who you are, you will devote more time to what you stand for. Successful people are self-aware on multiple levels. Those who do not know who they are, finds themselves in the wrong place, it put your children’s greatness in prison”, she maintained.

Source: allafrica.com

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