Stress: The Contagious Disease

By Team Tony

When you’re stressed, do you think that it’s all about you? That your problems are yours and yours alone? That might be true in some ways, but here’s something to chew on: stress does not work in a silo. It is highly contagious, and It will eventually impact the people around you — wreaking havoc on their lives, too. Ultimately it will get both parties, fueling each others’ negative emotions.

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Have you noticed that stress also causes us to vent at the most inopportune times — and to anyone who will listen? Have you ever said anything you regretted right after you said it? Venting under stress can cause confusion because saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can result in someone else being hurt.


People under a lot of stress often make more mistakes. When we become stressed, our brain goes into “fight or flight” mode, and our decisions become more rash as the more logical part of our brain is shut down. The mistakes that can be made under stress can vary from mistakes at work, to on the road, to your home life and relationships. Whatever the case, your mistakes can and will affect those around you.


Stress has the most severe effect on those you are closest to. In a recent study, it was found that childhood obesity is linked to parental stress. Parents who have higher stress levels tend to make poorer shopping and nutrition decisions. This causes them to buy more junk food for the home, and dinners tend to be less nutritious. Stressed parents also spend less time with their children. Consequently, all of these factors contribute to childhood obesity.

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Stress also breaks down your intimate relationships. Outside stressors can ruin a relationship. In fact, relationships exposed to high amounts of stress for long periods of time are almost always guaranteed to fail. When you are stressed, your perception of everything is heightened and you become more sensitive — which only causes more conflict and communication issues. Not knowing how to help you, your parter is left feeling disconnected and hopeless, threatening their mental state as well.


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