Inspiring Women On Abovewhispers : Mary Oluwadamilare Expands Passion To A Learning Space

By Grace Shaibu

We know that being a woman is inspiring enough because the woman is naturally multi-faceted, she’s made to be different persons at different times. She is a daughter, girl, lover, mother, worker, sister at different times.

She is the boss and she is the planner.

bethel HILL School

The woman is really inspiring. Apart from the natural strides of the woman, we have some extra-ordinary strides that women take on . Women who are affecting the society positively. Women who are driven against all odds to make the society work.

Inspiring women on Abovewhispers is a catalogue of wonder women who have taken on giant strides. Women who don’t want to pass through life for the sake of it but want their footprints to be the template of functioning via life. These are the stories we share right here.

Joining us right here, is the The CEO Of Bethel Hill Schools, Mrs Mary Akanmu-Oluwadamilare. She is an enterprising woman who started a creche where children are tutored, mentored and nurtured.

bethel hill

“I started on with the nudge to do something more, I love kids, I love to be around them and as a graduate of guidance and counselling from the University of Ibadan, I have been taught the psychology of teaching children, so after teaching a while, I knew it was time to move ahead.

Everything became boring and I just knew it was time to start something, I Started the Bethel Hill Academy and it’s been quite challenging but I refused to see the challenges. I went beyond them and we are here standing strong and moving well.

For every entrepreneur, Never say Never! See beyond your Challenges”

Watch the complete Interview here


Source: Abovewhispers

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