By Oluwanifemi Omojuwa

We all have pieces we have held onto beyond their prime from last season, last decade or from the previous generation, and it is time to let go of some of them. While fashion is art and a means of self-expression, always have it at the back of your mind that the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed.

  1. Geek glasses

Come on guys, let it go. This has been on for too long and considering the fact that it actually fits just a small fraction of the multitude wearing it. Let’s leave it to those who require it to see.

unnamed (1)




Image credits: Pinterest

The Fix:

Opt for frames that fit your face. If you need help identifying which will go best with your face shape, here is a guide;

  1. Patterned leggings

This… is neither flattering nor classy. It is time to ditch it.. for good.


patterned leggings

Image credits: Pinterest

The Fix:

How about plain leggings?? If you want your patterns so bad, go for less chaotic patterns in cool colours. You don’t want to go out reminding people of the circus.


Image credits: Pinterest

  1. Multi-fabric patchwork pieces

You maybe pardoned if you are combining a limited amount of prints which actually go together to create a pattern with a certain level of visual appeal to it. We know you love your prints but please have mercy on our eyes.unnamed (4)



Image credits: Pinterest

The fix:

When selecting your fabric, ensure they all go together. It takes only a little to move your patchwork from a beautiful piece of art to obnoxious.


Image credits: Pinterest

  1. Latex leggings

Latex leggings are so last decade and moreover, they don’t let your lower half breathe. Ditch. Ditch. Ditch.

unnamed (5)

Image credits: Pinterest

The Fix:

Breathable fabric leggings that look less synthetic.matte-legging

Image credits: Pinterest

  1. Mesh vests

You are not Vin Diesel, neither are you Channing Tatum leaving the gym during training for Magic Mike. Let’s end our dealings with mesh vests. They are really not fine when worn alone.mesh


Image credits: Pinterest

The Fix:

vest 01

Simple cut vests, tank tops are surely better options than the mesh vests.



Oluwanifemi Omojuwa is a fashion designer and presently a contributor for She loves fashion, photography and art in general.

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