Angola: Women Represent 59.9 of Voters In 2017 Elections

The representation of the woman with electoral capacity in the August 23 election represents 59.9 percent of the total number of voters, said the Angolan Secretary of State for Cooperation, Ângela Bragança.


The official said so during a lecture on “Women and Elections in Africa”, adding that the electoral process should be a challenge for women, as it is a way of examining the democratic process in the country, as well as a commitment to the reaffirmation of gender equality, embodied in the Constitution.

The meeting aimed at celebrating the day of Africa, marked on May 25.

Ângela Bragança highlighted the importance of the 54th anniversary of the African Union in the context of the African Union’s 2063 Agenda and the need for its mobilization and involvement through governments, parliaments, religious organizations and civil society associations, in line with the AU objectives.

On the occasion, the official emphasized the need to invest in education and training of women through sustained policies with specific resources, not excluding the public resources.

The Secretary of State underlined that since the liberation struggle against Portuguese colonialism in Angola, women have always played a key role and consequently contributing to the political, social and economic transformations in the country.


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