Toyin Onigbanjo Set To Launch Meal Plan Book

By Anino Aganbi


Toyin Onigbanjo is the author of Augustsecret sample meal plan which is a growing baby and toddler food solutions company with the goal of helping Nigerian mothers to feed their children with 0healthier food options, rather than junk foods.

The Sample meal plan book is a simple guide to every Nigerian mother to feed their children with healthier meals from locally available foods.

According to Onigbanjo, “The Augustsecrets Meal Plan Book will help solve the problem of “what will I cook for my child to grow healthy?” Mothers often run out of meal ideas, the book proffers simple, easy-to-follow ideas. It provides recipes online and runs a homemade food range of paps, locally-made cereals from everyday home-grown foodstuffs like vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Its major strength is busy mothers with fussy eaters and children who are malnourished due to poverty and displacement. Augustsecrets reaches more than 50,000 young mothers all over the world on social media with its recipes and cooking tips.”


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