The Rise Of Accounting Queens In Africa

By Carolyne B. Atangaza

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ACCA currently attracts more women than men than it did over a decade ago. According to Joyce Tamale, ACCA Uganda Network Panel Chairperson, women gave the course a wide berth before because it was deemed to be very demanding. “It is a certification course; it is never easy to acquire any certificate.

ACCA is designed to not only produce accountants that are outstanding performers but also people who add great value to their societies,” says Beatrice Isagayite, the head of ACCA Uganda. “But it is doable,” she quickly adds.

“We have noticed that in the past few years, more women are taking up the course. Statistics show that for the past decade the women outnumber men (52 per cent) worldwide and they perform commendably too. Leila Angela Uwase (2013), Kadir Muhamad (2015), Sophie Namulema (2016), all came on top of their classes.

There is no significant change that has taken place at ACCA that I can think of that could have inspired more women to join the accounting profession but it is happening, we are seeing an impressively increasing number of female certified accountants every year. Many expect that during the next decade female accountants will rise to ‘numerical dominance’ in the global profession,” says Isagayite.

What is ACCA?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global body for professional accountants.

“ACCA offers three qualification levels, for which a number of units must be completed. These include the Diploma in Accounting and Business, the Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business, and the Professional Level Certificate. To reach the highest level of qualification, you will need to complete 14 exams,” says Isagayite.

You don’t need an accounting background to pursue this course. Isagayate says it’s an equal opportunity course.

“All you need is discipline and determination and there is no doubt of excelling. Take an example of Enid Hilda Mugabi, who came from a civil engineering background and was ranked in the 67th position of global excellence,” she adds.


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