Women Increasing Participation In Manufacturing Sector

By Fasica Berhane

Manufacturing sector is among the key productive sectors of Ethiopia’s economy because of its immense potential for wealth creation, employment generation and poverty reduction.

women development

Micro and small scale enterprises (MSE) can be defined as industrial enterprises in manufacturing sector for they pave the way for industrial development and play a critical role in creating job opportunities and generating income for different segments of the population.

Since the MSE strategy developed by the government 6 years ago to accelerate a structural transformation of the economy, the sector has been providing benefits to the society.

In the previous days, the proportion of female owners of manufacturing industries was much lower than that of males but this seems to change these days. Currently, the number of females who own small and medium scale manufacturing industries is increasing.

As the Federal Micro and Small Scale Enterprise Agency outlines, engaging women and the youth in the MSE is a strategy taken to encourage women. The women who joined the sector have become very successful.

According to Agency Director General Asfaw Abebe, women who have considerable experiences in manufacturing are capable of contributing in the domestic supply as well as exporting their products. Provided that they are further supported, more women are engaging in exporting their products.

Recently, the Agency prepared bazaar and exhibition exclusively for woman as part of March 8 international women’s day. “The main aim of the first ever exclusive bazaar and exhibition for women is to enable women create market chain and also encourage them to promote their products and benefit from the sector, ” said Asfaw Abebe

At the occasion, about 20 women manufacturing enterprise owners who started from a scratch have showcased their products of agro-processed food, leather and leather products, traditional wear, honey bee products, drinks and many more.

Elfenesh Demes is among the successful entrepreneurs who worked on domestic manufacturing in cotton traditional wear around Shiro Meda. She started making traditional clothes of cotton on her own at her house. Currently, she hired other workers and transformed her business in to an enterprise.

Besides the traditional clothes, Elfenesh makes sweaters and scarves of cotton that have been highly in demand by many customers. She gives training to many elderly housewives to enable them to get busy and make profit out of their products. “The only challenge I am facing is lack of shop where I can showcase my products. This opportunity is helping me to create connection with customers but I need permanent place to show my products,” said Elfinesh.

Source: allafrica.com

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