Zambia: Schools Closed Down As Cholera Breaks Out In Chiengi

By Peter Adamu

Government has closed down three Primary Schools and all fishing camps along the Luapula River and Lake Mweru in Chiengi District of Luapula Province after cholera breakout.

Chienge District Commissioner Davis Kasongole has named the closed institutions as Kefulwe, Chiba and Kabwe primary schools.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya says the closure of the schools is part of the measures to contain the cholera outbreak in Chienge where 54 cases have so far been reported in the last four weeks.


Dr. Chilufya says 30 medical personnel have since been dispatched to all fishing camps of Chienge to help contain the spread of water borne disease from spreading to other parts of Luapula province.

Meanwhile, Luapula Province Medical Director Peter Bwalya says three of the 23 cholera patients from Kefulwe fishing camp who were admitted at the cholera treatment center have been discharged.


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