Feeling Disappointed? Be Encouraged With These Tips

By Kristen Wetherell

Perhaps you’ve experienced disappointment in a fresh way lately, and you’re shocked by the tension it’s produced. Or maybe you’re exhausted because ongoing disappointment has exercised your faith to the limits, and you’re not sure you can return another push.


Brother, sister—disappointment can strengthen your faith if you let it. Here are 10 ways this can happen, as disappointment resists our faith in:

1. God’s goodness

We push back with the reality that if God didn’t spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all, won’t he graciously give us all things (Romans 8:32)?

2. God’s control

We push back with the truth that he has declared the end from the beginning, that his counsel shall stand, that he will accomplish all his purposes (Isaiah 46:10).

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3. God’s wisdom

We push back with the reality that although we can’t see beyond this moment, God has determined every moment according to his perfect purpose and will, which he set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time (Ephesians 1:9-10).

4. God’s sufficiency

We push back, trusting that those who seek the Lord lack no good thing (Psalm 34:10) and that our confidence is in him (2 Corinthians 3:4), not in our circumstances.

5. God’s work

We push back with the truth that he upholds the universe by the word of his power (Hebrews 1:3), knows the number of hairs on our heads (Matthew 10:30), and produces endurance, character, and hope in us through trials (Romans 5:3-5).

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