MDC-T Senator Calls for Virginity Tests For Women

MDC-T Senator for Mutare Keresencia Chabuka has called on the nation to revert back to its traditional methods of raising children which she said ensured they did not go astray.

These, she said, involved virginity tests which have now been discarded for being a violation on girls’ rights.


“During our time, we also had cases whereby girls would go for virginity tests Not the deputy president. He looked like he was looking forward to the challenge of every follow-up question. Even when they were not on the topic and could have easily been ruled out of order, he answered them.and this would protect the girl child. Unfortunately, we have now done away with our culture and we are even saying the aunties and other sisters are witches. Therefore, they cannot take care of our children.

“We are now calling for the traditional leaders to come in and save the nation from this scourge. We have been saying churches are to blame, but we are the people who are living in the community.

She added: “If you look at some races in this country, such as the Britons, Indians or Westerners, they have a culture that they inculcate into their youngsters.

“They give them businesses and money so that they can have a better future but in our case, we do not have that type of culture.

“I am also pleading with the aunts and sisters who we accuse of being witches and wizards but they are there to safeguard and protect our children. We need to protect our children from drug abuse, that is why I am pleading with the chiefs as custodians of our culture to help inculcate the values of ubuntu/hunhu in our children.”


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