4 women Share Their Secrets To Losing Over 50 pounds

By Shaelynn Miller

Losing weight is not easy. It requires major lifestyle changes, but before you consider giving up, think of the reward. Think of how much reaching that goal means to you. And to give you just a little more motivation, here are some success stories and advice from women who have all lost more than 50 pounds:


Weight loss: 59 pounds

Liz DellaCroce started her weight loss journey after looking at one picture of herself. She was over 200 pounds and said she couldn’t believe what she saw. DellaCroce found My Food Diary, a website that helps you track calories and weight. She started counting calories and exercising daily. DellaCroce lost 35 pounds in 18 months when she experienced a setback.

She wrote on her blog that she was laid off from her dream job and was at one of the lowest points in her life. Two years later she was pregnant with her son, and found herself over 200 pounds again after giving birth. She adopted the attitude that if she lost it once, she could lose it again. Six months later, she was 20 pounds lighter than her pre-pregnancy weight.

2. Weight loss: 128 pounds

From weighing 279 pounds to running a marathon, Tricia Minnick’s story is truly inspiring. When she found herself breathless trying to keep up with her son, Dash, she decided to make a change, she told reporters. She broke out the jogging stroller and started walking with her son. Minnick was out of breath after one block, but she was determined. By walking and eating healthy, she lost 20 pounds in the first three weeks. Her passion changed from wanting to lose weight to wanting to be healthy, she said.

She decided to sign up for a 5K to prove to herself she could do it. That race was the start of her passion for running. She lost 118 pounds after one year and continued to lose weight until she had lost a grand total of 128 pounds.

She gives three tips for anyone starting their weight loss journey: brush your teeth to prevent snacking, keep trying and eat fresh vegetables.

3. Weight loss: 50 pounds


Melissa Sledge gained 50 pounds within five years. She was an athlete growing up and never needed to watch her weight, she said. But weight caught up with her when she became less active. Her father’s concern about her size is what helped Sledge make the first step in her weight loss journey.

Before, Sledge was eating fast food about three times a day and ordering pizza about three times a week, she said. Her first change included avoiding two of her favorite foods: french fries and pizza. The rest of her diet remained the same, resulting in 10 pounds lost in 90 days. This motivated her to start cooking at home. She added fruits and vegetables to her diet and avoided processed foods. She also started exercising, but started small. She jumped rope in her garage about three days a week for five minutes and worked her way up to 30 minutes.

One big challenge she continues to face are her cravings. “I would ask myself things like, ‘How will this food help me accomplish my goals? How will I feel after I eat this?'” she said. “Reflecting on these questions helped me take the emotion out of the craving.” Sledge’s advice for those trying to lose weight is to be patient with yourself and make realistic goals.


Source: Familyshare.com

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