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Is Your Personal Brand The rebel Or The heroine?

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Monday, February 27th, 2017
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Talent alone doesn’t guarantee that circumstances around you wont change. Salma Shah discusses how to build a strong personal brand.


The current trends in today’s fast-paced working world lean towards the importance of self-promotion and being remembered for all the right reasons. Few of us have ‘jobs for life’ and some of us may want portfolio careers, aim for promotion or dream of starting our own business and work for ourselves. Talent alone doesn’t guarantee that circumstances around you won’t change.

A strong personal brand will put you in a much better position during and after change. Another benefit of a strong personal brand is that it creates trust and draws others to you as new opportunities present themselves.

Your personal brand is how you market yourself, the way you communicate and how others describe you. Developing a powerful and distinctive brand requires projecting your purpose into the world.

Archetypes, described as the ‘software’ of the soul, can give your brand a clear meaning and positioning. The idea of brand archetypes isn’t new. It originates from the work of the well-known psychologist Carl Jung. He described archetypes as universal collective patterns of the unconscious. Regardless of culture or language, he believed everyone shares and understands these themes because they are an undercurrent to all humanity.

Why are we so loyal to a certain brand and immediately drawn to a new one? It’s because subconsciously we have forged a connection with the brand’s archetype. We all evoke archetypes in our work and it is possible to have more than one archetype. Most of us are likely to gravitate to just a few. An archetype is sparked by your behavior in your mind and the minds of others.

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