Ethiopia: First Ever Women’s Manufacturers Exhibition, Bazaar Opens

By Fasica Berhane

Federal Small And Medium Scale Manufacturing Development Agency in collaboration with Trade Ministry organized first ever four -day bazaar and exhibition to women engaging in manufacturing industry.


Opening the exhibition yesterday, Agency Director General Asfaw Ababe said : ” As women in manufacturing have long time knowledge and experience ,they are capable of meeting the domestic demand .Moreover, they will export products if promoted and supported well.”

“The first ever bazaar and exhibition will create market chain and also encourage women to promote their products ,” he added.

Industry Ministry Women Affairs Directorate Director Yehulawork Eshete for his part said that such exhibitions would be advantageous to women so long as they help to ease the challenges faced by women manufacturers in terms of staging their products to the public .

The exhibition is being held on the premises of the agency. Around 20 role model women engaged in textile, leather and leather products , wood and metal works, jewelers and hand crafts, among others are displaying their products


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