Conquer These Unhealthy Habits

By David Dunham

There are habits that chase people far away from us. These habits sometimes have enlarged so well that we become so engrossed in them and we see absolutely nothing wrong in what we are doing.


For instance, habits like anger, grumbling, stubborness etc, makes people run away from. It makes us unapproachable and sometimes, we just think we are superior not knowing that we are just ill-mannered.

So, what is the solution? Here are some steps to conquering unhealthy habits.

1. Grumbling: This is a general dissatisfaction with life and/or people. This sort of behavior creates a negative lens through which we view everything and everyone. It is often accompanied by self-focus and self-pity, blame of others for our problems and frustrations (often it places that blame at God’s feet, even if subconsciously), and a distorted perception.

2. Distance: This is a type of anger that responds to others by means of avoidance, intentional isolation, or the creation of physical and/or emotional space between two or more parties. In this case our anger allows us to dissolve relationships or damage them in order to self-protect. Brad points out that where safety is not an issue, distance is a neglect of our duty to strive for unity in our relationships (Matthew 5:23-26).

3. Active Aggression: This is the sort of “classic anger” that we usually think of. It is the dramatic and intense physical and verbal manifestation of our anger. It is the most obvious and easily identifiable form of anger.

4. Control: This is the kind of intentional use of power or position to exploit the weaknesses of others for personal gain. It is not the sort of anger that is easy to spot, as it often strategically covers itself with supposed good intentions and respectable motives. Refuse to give into this control, however, and you will pay dearly.



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