Yaya Jammeh Has No Chance Of Winning Ecowas In War

By Victor Owusu-Bediako

With all his bad mouth and loud noise, Yaya Jammeh is least prepared for the war against ECOWAS forces. Should he refuse stepping down when his mandate expires on 19 January 2017 December electoral defeat here are simple facts at hand that suggest Yaya Jammeh does not have what it takes to win war on him:

Ecowas head of goverments pose for a group photograph after attending the Ordinary Session of the Ecowas Heads of State and Government in Abuja, Nigeria December 17, 2016. REUTERS/Stringer

By provision of Gambian constitution Yaya Jammeh assumes the title “Commander-In-Chief Gambia Armed Forces”. In reality, Yaya Jammeh is not trained to command even active scouts group let alone armed forces.

After 22 July 1994 coup that placed Jammeh in the seat of Gambian presidency by forced rule he has no interest about management of the army. Jammeh’s preoccupation is all about getting rich quick. Gambian army only exists by name with senior personnel being bribed to play in Jammeh’s interest. They enjoy the loot with him and pretend to be captains or generals by name.

2. Gambia does not have warring army

It is an open secret that Gambia does not have a warring army. Captains and generals acquired their colourful titles on the sofa chair and not at war front.

In the event of any serious war, many of those captains and generals will run for their life broad day light. They are not prepared for war and their commander-in chief (Yaya Jammeh) has never commanded even basic military exercise. He spent over 22 years stealing Gambian public money and squandering resources.

3. Untested, rusted weapons in the hands of untrusted soldiers

Over the 22 years of his dictatorial misrule Yaya Jammeh also engaged in drug dealings, arms trade and money laundering. He bought some weapons stored at various locations. Some of these weapons have not been tested and for the longest time collecting dust. There is no doubt lot of Jammeh’s weapons have gone rusted.

Besides, Jammeh was all the scared to arm Gambian soldiers just in case they may decide to dislodge him by coup. So we are thinking about an army with rusted weapons. They are not trained to use those weapons. Jammeh stored weapons as cover up but never seriously prepared for real war. He is unfit and unprepared for war.

4. Jammeh is unable to manage crisis

He seized by dislodging an established government. Jammeh however is so deficient in managing anything good. By occasion of his total incompetence, Jammeh mismanaged entire government. He broke down all structures, deviated standards, and created total lack of orderly dispensation.

If we have to go by experience of Yaya Jammeh regarding management he is total failure. Someone who is unable to manage orderly process is most certainly at risk of failure in managing crisis. When Jammeh invites ECOWAS for war by his refusal to step down, he will be seriously defeated. He cannot manage crisis and has nobody around him prepared for what real war entails.

5. Putting his supporters in trouble, shame and scandal

Supporters of Yaya Jammeh are put to shame and trouble. In the event of war Jammeh is unable to create safety for his already petrified, hopeless supporters. The whole nation will be facing same terrible situation. It is big shame, scandalous, and highly troubling that a man who bragged about his commitment in advancing Gambia is now bent on bringing war as reward for those who believed in his loud mouth rantings.

When Jammeh manages to escape after war starts or even before, he will leave his supporters with tongue biting regrets. None of his past and present generals or retired ranks of Gambia army will stand the heat. They all want good life and will avoid getting killed.

In the end, ECOWAS forces will prevail, giving Gambians lasting confidence that their tormenting dictator Yaya Jammeh is no more. Jammeh lost elections he will never recover. Gambia has population of over 2 million out of which better choice can be made for suitable leadership. Jammeh is seen to be so deluded by his imagination that right thinking Gambians will accept his return as ruthless tyrant and selfishly grabbing economic criminal. He is calling for war most certainly too heavy to keep him in that seat.


Game over for Yaya Jammeh along his gang of economic criminals and ruthless murderers. There is end of tyranny. Beyond dark days lasting 22 years is now light for better times in Gambia.

Source: allafrica.com

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