Somalia :Top Sheikhs Under Fire Following Fatwa Banning Women’s Basketball Tourney

An Islamic Fatwa banning a women’s national basketball tournament that kicked off in Garowe on Thursday has raised protests on social media. Somalis on Twitter criticised the Council of Islamic Clerics for issuing a fatwa with no base in Islamic Shariah.


Most argued that the tournament will improve integration between the five participating regions names Galmudug, Jubaland, South West, Puntland and Hirshabelle

The fatwa was announced on Wednesday by the head of the Council of Islamic Clerics Sheikh Bashir Salad citing that it went against Islamic morales for women to display themselves in public.

Social media activists accused the Muslim clerics of failing to use their influence to put an end an insurgency by militant group Alshabaab, to initiate reconciliation and peace.

“They have failed to condemn the killing of innocent civilians by Alshabaab” a blogger said

“instead they are busy dealing with minor issues like the basketball tournament” he blogged

“It is such fatwas that lead the youth to become extremists” Ali Nuh a politician told Radio Dalsan .

” We are emerging from years of been fed by Alshabaab propaganda and now the new challenge are these controversial fatwas” Nuh said. Somalia’s clerics have also been accused of failing to condemn corruption and intimidation. The Council of Islamic Clerics is the highest body that issues legal matters in accordance to the Islamic Shariah


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