Parents Do Not Invest In Their Children Morally – Principal

By Godwin Tyonongu

Parents have been blamed on being responsible for the moral decadence in the society due to over pampering of their children.

Parents are often so busy taking care of their children that they neglect their spouses.   (Dreamstime)
Parents are often so busy taking care of their children that they neglect their spouses. (Dreamstime)

This opinion came to the fore at the 2nd Christmas Carols event organised by the Abuja International Academy (AIA), Mararaba, and its sister schools scattered across the satellite towns.

The principal AIA, City College of Education, Mararaba campus, Mr. Sunday Aikhomu, noted that the over pampering as the factor destroying the future of students, adding that most of them “come to school with that home mindset and background hoping to be pampered , even as they misbehave towards the school authorities.”
“Imagine a parent telling the principal of a college to help him talk to his ward so that he can be sleeping at home, when the responsibility is supposed to rest with the parents and not the principal. Their laxity has affected the academic system to a large extent. But it is better to have an educated child than to have a criminal,” he said.
He argued that the investment in education was not for parents but the children, hence, the need for students to rise up to the consciousness that education is for them and not thuggery.

“As far as the school is concerned, we are poised to nurturing our students morally; we have introduced moral studies in our curricula. We teach the students on the culture to behave even outside school and it’s a continuous affair. Every Friday, we bring them together to counsel them on life issues.”

Aikhomu, while explaining the motive behind the event stated that they as the people building spiritual leaders, said academics without religious tenets amounted to training educated criminals; hence the need to infuse religion into them to know that man does not exist alone as a human, but be conscious of God.
This, he said, should reflect in their conduct and character.
Highlights of the carols evening were singing of praise and worship songs presented by the school choir, drama and Bible lessons by teachers and parents.
The organiser has promised to invite other neighboring schools and the larger press for next year’s show as it promises to be groovier.


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