5 Things Quality Men Secretly Want That Make YOU Stand Out

By David Snell | #5 is the most powerful way for a man to notice you, but is often the most neglected.

5 things men want

There’s a world of women out there — how are you supposed to stand out? Sexy clothes and bright red lipstick will turn heads, but if you want the attention of the good guy, try these things out:

1. Have an opinion and voice it

Please. We love a woman who knows what she wants — especially when most women do know what they want and they just refuse to voice it (for one reason or another).

Meaningful conversation is important to us, but if you don’t have an opinion on anything we talk about, we’re really just talking to ourselves. If you honestly have no opinion, respond in a way that allows you to form one. If we ask where you’d like to eat and you truly don’t care, at least respond by asking us to throw out some options. We want to feel like you care.

2. Walk with purpose

“Don’t underestimate the importance of BODY LANGUAGE.” Ursula might have said it, but it still rings true. This article reports that 55% of everything you communicate is done through body language. That being said, walk like you’re going somewhere. Keep your shoulders square and your back straight. Also, look straight ahead instead of at your feet or towards the sky.

Posture is one of the key ways to show another very important characteristic: confidence. We love to see a woman who seems to have a handle on her life (I assume women look for the same thing in men).

3. Initiate conversation

YES! The norm in many cultures suggests men should initiate virtually everything, but we love it when you turn the tables on us. It definitely sets you apart from other women and is also a great way to show confidence. Talk to us. Tell us about your day and ask us questions. It makes us feel like you like being around us and that you value our input.

Practice initiating conversation the next time you’re out in public by just greeting passerbys. You’ll be surprised by how difficult it is to just say, “Have a great day,” to a stranger in passing, but it’ll set you apart from everyone else on the street.

4. Talk positively about others (often)

Once you’ve initiated conversation with someone, be positive. Don’t talk badly about other people. If you’re stuck in the gossip habit, work to reverse it. Gush about how great other people are. We love hearing that from you. What you express outwardly is a telling reflection of important inward qualities, whether good or bad.

5. Smile

This is a big one. The fundamental reason a man wants to be around a woman is because he feels good around her. A smile, being one of the very first things we notice about you, is a great start. In fact, Psychology Today reports that a smile is actually contagious. Smiling at someone elicits a chemical response in both your brain and in whoever you’re smiling at that makes you feel good.

Source: https://familyshare.com/

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