Woman Delivers In Taxi

By Mudangha Kolyangha

 Passengers aboard a taxi were left puzzled when a woman went into abrupt labour pains and delivered as they headed to Mbale on Thursday afternoon.

Photo: Lydia Atieno/The New Times

Ms Aisha Guloba, 27, who was travelling from Kampala to her home in Namukaluke village, Kadama sub-county in Kibuku District, delivered around 6.15pm at the Nile bridge in Jinja district.

According to Dr Sam Wajega, the Budaka District Health officer, who was on board the same taxi, Ms Guloba started making unusual movements on her seat but no one knew she was in labour. He said a few minutes later, she could not hold onto her seat anymore and tried to stand up with difficulty.

“I ordered the driver to stop because I sensed she was in labour. We asked all passengers out and helped her to the back seats of the taxi. The woman shortly gave birth to a bouncing baby girl,” Dr Wajega said.

He said the womans’ bag was equipped with sheets and baby clothes, “Thank God she was traveling with all what was required for delivery. She must have been attending antenatal and we didn’t suffer,” Mr Wajega said.

“She had no complications and she had a normal delivery. I did what I could to meet acceptable medical standards. The mama kit helped a big deal,” he said.

The doctor urged all expectant mothers to move with Mama Kits while traveling in case such emergencies arise. He said such readiness would reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Mr Wajega said it took about 30 minutes to clean up the blood in the vehicle’s back seats as passengers waited outside.

Curious passers-by came closer to see what had happened as excitement grew among the waiting passengers.

Ms Guloba was all praise for Dr Wajega and the passengers for being good hearted.

“I didn’t expect this to happen to me. I knew it was almost time but I expected to get home and go to hospital immediately. I thank God I have given birth normally,” she said.

Source: allafrica.com

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