Namibia: Farm Women Empowered

By Adam Hartman

WOMEN from various farms in the Daures constituency in Erongo will soon be qualified to choose, design, cut material and make clothes for themselves, while their families can start small sewing and clothing businesses.

A nearly month-long course – a joint effort by Daures constituency councillor Kennedy !Haoseb and Women’s Action for Development (WAD) – aims to empower women in rural areas, who are otherwise limited in skills development opportunities. WAD sewing instructor Elfriede Engelbrecht from Rehoboth, teaches the women to design, and sew material into clothing.

“We’ve done this at Lüderitz and Rundu, and this is the first programme we have done here in Daures. It is a wonderful way to develop skills among these farm women, and to empower them so that they can even start their own small businesses in their communities,” she stated.


The course is completely free.

Engelbrecht said many women have completed the training to become income-earners. Christina Gaweses from a farm at Spitzkoppe, said she was very excited about the opportunity.

“Before, I could not do this. Maybe patch torn trousers or sew on a button, but this is something completely new. Now, I can make clothes, and I can’t wait to show off my new dress,” an excited Gaweses told The Namibian.

Anna Tsaraes said that she too is learning something new.

“This will definitely be worth my while, and I will surely see how I can earn a small income with this new skill,” she beamed.


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